Spending Review Submission 2022-25 - Delivering success for learners, communities and the economy

Cover image of Spending Review 2022-25

Colleges are the powerhouses of Scotland’s recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.

The harm which has been caused to young people, individuals in work of all ages, and to the structure of the economy, requires a strong skills-led recovery over the coming years.

Scotland’s colleges are the best place for the seeds of recovery to take hold and flourish, already holding the expertise and ability to deliver reskilling, upskilling, career improvement and holistic support to people locally and regionally, across the country.

Colleges already tackle poverty and provide equity in society by moving people of all ages into employment and opportunities.

In our pdf Budget Submission (929 KB)  to Scottish Ministers, we are therefore asking for investment which will reduce the harms caused by the pandemic, deliver stable and sustainable funding to colleges as a core part of the Scottish public sector, through multi-year settlements which would help colleges invest wisely and spend carefully.

Creating the Environment for Success

The backdrop of this submission is the recent Scottish Funding Council (SFC) Review of Coherent Provision and Sustainability. To allow the college sector to fully contribute to the recovery and economic transformation agenda, and to deliver the workforce required to help Scotland thrive, Colleges Scotland is looking for changes in the landscape that would create a successful environment:

  • For Ministers to work with the college sector to set out the clear purpose of colleges, as acknowledged in the Scottish Government’s response to the SFC Review.
  • Deliver stable and sustainable funding to colleges as a core part of the Scottish public sector, in turn enabling long-term planning and investment through multi-year settlements.
  • Support initiatives to mitigate against the impact of loss of learning experienced by college learners.
  • Commit to equity of funding across the education landscape, to address the current inequality in student experience.
  • Commit to equity of experience, access and opportunity.
  • Ensure appropriate system changes and adequate flexibility within the national framework.

Members’ Area

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