About Us

Colleges Scotland is the voice of the college sector in Scotland.  26 colleges operate in 13 regions across Scotland, allowing them to plan nationally and regionally, as well as deliver locally, and there are three regional strategic bodies co-ordinating approaches for colleges in the Highlands and Islands, Glasgow, and Lanarkshire regions.

Our primary role is to support colleges and regional strategic bodies in achieving their aims and objectives, and to cultivate the strength of the college sector in Scotland.  This is achieved through policy development, advocating and campaigning on behalf of the college sector, co-ordinating sector-wide engagement on major issues, and maintaining strong and proactive relationships with government, sector agencies, and industry bodies.

Colleges Scotland's Vision

Colleges Scotland aims to be at the heart of a world class college sector that is recognised, valued and available to all.

Colleges Scotland's Mission

Colleges Scotland is the collective voice of the college sector.  We will support and champion the sector by leading and influencing policy, enhancing and maintaining strong partnerships, and demonstrating the positive impacts of the sector.

College Sector Statement of Ambition cover imageCollege Sector Statement of Ambition

The pdf College Sector's Statement of Ambition (873 KB)  to support a thriving economy by creating a highly-skilled workforce which matches the demands of employers.

The bold five-pronged Statement of Ambition, which was contributed to by every college in Scotland along with other key stakeholders, highlights the sector’s plans to support a green national recovery programme, to extend its reach within local communities, to develop work-based training, to grow regional partnerships and to provide locally focused and targeted learning for every student.

Annual Report

Colleges Scotland Annual Report 2020-21 cover image

Colleges Scotland has published its pdf Annual Report 2020-21 (724 KB) .

Colleges Scotland is proud to serve the college sector and has been actively working on its behalf throughout the year.

The Annual Report highlights just some of the key activities and achievements in the areas of policy, communications, and employment services.


Members’ Area

The Members’ Area contains information for Chairs, Principals, Directors of HR, Directors of Finance, Head of Marketing/Marketing Managers and Board Secretaries. The information in these sections are intended for those issued with log-in details only, it should be treated as confidential and not for wider circulation.