Response to Covid-19

The last year has been disrupted again because of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Some students starting or continuing their education and training at college have experienced illness or had to self-isolate, disrupting their studies, and the virus also impacted on college staff.

College leaders and staff have worked incredibly hard to ensure that high quality education and student welfare have been protected in line with public health guidance, especially for vulnerable students.

Some colleges were again utilised as Covid-19 vaccination centres with public health messaging on social distancing, the importance of regular voluntary testing to keep everyone safe, and taking up opportunities for vaccination promoted in every college.

Online learning has shifted some course delivery to digital learning spaces, with digital and remote learning providing a revolution in the delivery of some parts of college education. Again, staff and college leadership have worked hard to ensure that safely delivered education has continued at this vital time for students and Scotland’s economy.

Members’ Area

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