College Principals' Group

The College Principals’ Group (CPG) purpose is:

To deliver strong leadership in partnership to ensure a vibrant and successful college sector for Scotland and to create a credible and confident executive voice for the sector by:

  • developing and influencing key relationships;
  • driving innovations, change and success in the core business of the sector, which is to deliver lifelong learning in the areas of:
    • skills and economy
    • post-16 education
    • inclusion and social mobility


Audrey Cumberford MBE, Chair of College Principals' Group and Principal and Chief Executive, Edinburgh College

Vice Chair

Paul Little, Vice Chair of College Principals' Group and Principal and Chief Executive, City of Glasgow College

Principal Leads for Engagement


Principal Leads

Access Delivery

Lydia Rohmer, Principal Vacancy

Careers Review

Christopher Moore, Principal Vacancy
CDN Research Advisory Group of the Research and Enhancement Centre Jackie Galbraith, Chris O'Neil, Principal Vacancy

Climate Emergency

Angela Cox, Simon Hewitt

College Sector Strategic Partnership Forum

Angela Cox, Liz Connolly, Jackie Galbraith, Chris O’Neil, Derek Smeall

Community Learning & Development (CLD)

Stella McManus, Claire Cairney (Vice Principal)

Curriculum Assessment Board

Principal Vacancy, John Buglass (Vice Principal), Anne-Marie Sturrock (Vice Principal)


Joanna Campbell, Principal Vacancy

Four Nations

Joanna Campbell, Margaret Cook, Neil Cowie, Angela Cox, Audrey Cumberford, Lydia Rohmer

Funding Model Review Group

Audrey Cumberford, Paul Little, Derek Smeall, Pete Smith (plus Vice Principal and Finance Director Leads)

Governance, including membership of Good Governance Steering Group

Margaret Cook, Pete Smith, Stella McManus, Steven Taylor (Vice Principal)

GTCS Council

Jon Vincent

GTCS Steering Group

Jon Vincent, Neil Cowie

HR Engagement

Margaret Cook, Michael Jeffrey (Vice Principal), David Davidson (Assistant Principal)

Infrastructure Investment

Joanna Campbell, Liz Connolly, Debbie Murray, Lydia Rohmer, Martin Joyce (Senior Staff Lead), Andy Ross (Senior Staff Lead), Tracy Elliot (Financ Director's Lead), Alan Williamson (Finance Director's Lead)


Angela Cox, Audrey Cumberford, Lydia Rohmer, Paul Little


Neil Cowie, Debbie Murray, Lydia Rohmer, Jon Vincent, Nuala Boyle (Business Development Director Lead), James Thomson (Finance Director's Lead)

Modern Apprenticeships

Jon Vincent, Audrey Cumberford, Pete Smith

Mental Health

Jon Vincent, Anne-Marie Sturrock (Vice Principal)

Net Zero, including CESAP Sub-Group

Angela Cox, Principal Vacancy


Liz Connolly, Derek Smeall, Principal Vacancy

Partnership Action for Continued Employment (PACE)

Jane Grant (Executive Director)


Lydia Rohmer, Jackie Galbraith

School/College Partnerships

Claire Cairney (Vice Principal)

Scottish Funding Council

Jackie Galbraith, David Patterson, Principal Vacancy

Scottish Funding Council - Expert Group of the Economic and Social Impact Framework (ESIF)

Roddy Henry, Douglas Dickson (Vice Principal), Michael Jeffery (Vice Principal), Robin McGregor (Vice Principal), Vicki Nairn (Vice Principal), Sara Rae (Assistant Principal)

Scottish Qualifications Authority/Awarding Bodies

Principal Vacancy, Anne Campbell (Vice Principal), Julie Grace (Vice Principal), Jonny Pearson (Vice Principal)

Skills Development Scotland

Liz Connolly, Angela Cox, Debbie Murray

Student Support Stakeholder Engagement Group

Louise Park, Ayrshire College (College Lead)

Young Person’s Guarantee Implementation Group

Derek Smeall, Stuart Millar (Business Development Director Lead)


Members’ Area

The Members’ Area contains information for Chairs, Principals, Directors of HR, Directors of Finance, Head of Marketing/Marketing Managers and Board Secretaries. The information in these sections are intended for those issued with log-in details only, it should be treated as confidential and not for wider circulation.