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Annual Report 2022-23 (Oct 2023)

We have published our Annual Report 2022-23.

The report sets out our activity, achievements and progress as the membership organisation for all 24 colleges in Scotland over the past year.

Annual Report 2021-22 (Oct 2022)

We have published our Annual Report 2021-22.

The report sets out our activity, achievements and progress as the membership organisation for all 26 colleges in Scotland over the past year.

Colleges Scotland Strategy 2022 – 2026 (Jun 2022)

Colleges Scotland is the Membership organisation for colleges across the country: campaigning, advocating and influencing policy on behalf of the sector, and at the heart of a world class college sector that is recognised, valued, and available to all. Colleges Scotland is a connecting organisation, harnessing the capacity of wider sector resource to produce greater impact and have more influence with key stakeholders.  Our organisation is proud to support the delivery of Scottish Government objectives, and facilitate sustainable funding to the sector, while at the same time developing opportunities for further funding in a challenging financial climate.

College Sector Statement of Ambition

The College Sector's Statement of Ambition to support a thriving economy by creating a highly-skilled workforce which matches the demands of employers.

The bold five-pronged Statement of Ambition, which was contributed to by every college in Scotland along with other key stakeholders, highlights the sector’s plans to support a green national recovery programme, to extend its reach within local communities, to develop work-based training, to grow regional partnerships and to provide locally focused and targeted learning for every student.

Spending review submission 2022-25

Colleges are the powerhouses of Scotland’s recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.

The harm which has been caused to young people, individuals in work of all ages, and to the structure of the economy, requires a strong skills-led recovery over the coming years.

Scotland’s colleges are the best place for the seeds of recovery to take hold and flourish, already holding the expertise and ability to deliver reskilling, upskilling, career improvement and holistic support to people locally and regionally, across the country.

Colleges already tackle poverty and provide equity in society by moving people of all ages into employment and opportunities.

In our Budget Submission to Scottish Ministers, we are therefore asking for investment which will reduce the harms caused by the pandemic, deliver stable and sustainable funding to colleges as a core part of the Scottish public sector, through multi-year settlements which would help colleges invest wisely and spend carefully.

The Digital Ambition

The Digital Ambition for Scotland’s Colleges has been developed by the college sector, for the college sector to provide evidence on the sector’s digital intentions.

It will enable the sector to support the full range of learners accessing college-based learning platforms across Scotland. It will also ensure that colleges can quickly respond to the changing needs of the labour market and deliver skills for the new economy 4.0.

The Digital Ambition has been developed and agreed following consultation with the sector and key partners in the digital industry.


Members’ Area

The Members’ Area contains information for Chairs, Principals, Directors of HR, Directors of Finance, Head of Marketing/Marketing Managers and Board Secretaries. The information in these sections are intended for those issued with log-in details only, it should be treated as confidential and not for wider circulation.