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Colleges give hundreds of thousands of students education and training each year. This provides a vital pipeline of future talent which delivers a skilled workforce to meet the needs of industry and the economy.

Across the country from our rural Highlands and Islands to our towns and cities, Scotland’s 24 colleges are anchors in their local communities. They provide important hubs for people locally, help to mitigate poverty, and provide life-changing opportunities. They also work across their regions to support businesses including SMEs and contribute to the wider economy.

Colleges are essential to Scotland’s future, producing the skilled graduates that so many industries rely on and will be key to training and upskilling the future workforce in emerging industries and key growth sectors such as renewable energy, creative industries, AI, tourism, and digital health and care. Colleges are great places to learn, no matter what age or stage of life you are in.

When colleges thrive, Scotland thrives.


Members’ Area

The Members’ Area contains information for Chairs, Principals, Directors of HR, Directors of Finance, Head of Marketing/Marketing Managers and Board Secretaries. The information in these sections are intended for those issued with log-in details only, it should be treated as confidential and not for wider circulation.