Blog: Reflections on Student Satisfaction – Part 1

Photo of Colin Ogilvie, Student President, Dundee and Angus College

Last month the Scottish Funding Council published the Student Satisfaction and Engagement Survey report which shows that college student satisfaction levels are at a five year high. Colleges Scotland has invited two voices from Dundee and Angus College to reflect on the figures, and on what the college delivers for them, and with them, around the student experience.

Part 1, by Colin Ogilvie, Student President, Dundee and Angus College

The Students’ Association at Dundee and Angus College has worked relentlessly in an effort to foster engagement beyond the classroom. Whether through online cuppy and chats or in person, social groups and clubs or their well-attended weekly quizzes, the Students’ Association has created an inclusive environment that extends beyond academic pursuits.

The shift towards more in-person activities, following on from the era of online engagement and social activities during the pandemic, indicates a proactive approach to boosting on-campus engagement and positively impacting the student experience at Dundee and Angus College. The Students’ Association. has been more proactive around campus as we return to a more in person service after the online culture of Covid-19 to ensure that student engagement on campus increases from the previous years. We have been more active whilst on campus and have been engaging with students within the social areas of the college.

Throughout the summer months, the Students’ Association were committed to utilising the feedback gained from the previous years to ensure a seamless transition for returning students, with an emphasis on their class representative training.

By updating training materials and aligning them with student involvement, the Students’ Association has maximised their engagement with the representation system within the college – the student voice is really heard and valued.

And by planning well over the summer, when classes returned this year, we were ready to get students involved, engaged, and energised. We looked at class rep training and engagement with class reps and updated the training materials in line with this to ensure maximum engagement with students.

Creating a college environment where students feel heard and valued is noticeable at Dundee and Angus College and this comes out in the survey. Every student should have a great experience when they come to college, which is more than learning and teaching – college is the chance to build your network, make friends, find mentors, think about your career. And have some fun! Students can be at college for a short time or for several years so fun, joy, kindness and enjoyment are actually critical in making this experience a good one.

I’m delighted with the Student Satisfaction Survey results – it’s exactly what I see here.


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