Comment on Student Satisfaction and Engagement Survey

Today the Scottish Funding Council have published their latest report on student satisfaction at Scotland’s colleges, which is on the rise as the impact of the pandemic on learning and teaching reduces.

The Student Satisfaction and Engagement Survey (SSES) for 2021-22 was carried out over an eight-week period between 7 March and 29 April 2022.

Nine out of 10 full-time students were satisfied with their college experience.

31,970 college students took part in the survey with 92.7% full-time further education students and 93.9% of part-time further education students saying they were satisfied with their college experience.

Overall satisfaction levels have increased in 2021-22 compared to 2020-21 with an increase of 4.1% for full-time further education students, 5.4% increase for full-time higher education students, 1.7% increase for part-time further education students and a 5.0% increase for part-time higher education students - taking satisfaction back to near pre-pandemic levels.

Andy Witty, Director of Sector Policy at Colleges Scotland, said: “The figures speak for themselves – 9 out of 10 full time college students in Scotland are satisfied with their experience as they learn and study, a huge credit to the staff and college leaders who have supported students through another difficult year.

“I’m delighted the survey shows that overall satisfaction levels have increased across further and higher education students, with satisfaction levels almost back to pre-pandemic levels. During the academic year 2021/22 students faced ongoing disruption from the pandemic and a creeping cost of living crisis but again the efforts of colleges across the country are clearly reflected in these results.”


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