New report shows impact of the pandemic

A new report from the Scottish Government has shown the wide impact of the pandemic on students at colleges and universities, and community learning.

Commenting, CEO of Colleges Scotland Shona Struthers said:

“College students have worked incredibly hard since disruption began in 2020 to achieve their qualifications, in some really difficult circumstances. Colleges quickly developed innovative solutions to deliver learning, teaching and interaction remotely, and were able to maintain access to facilities for some practical courses, and for vulnerable students. However, the level of disruption was unprecedented.

“Learning how to learn at home and periods of isolation were real challenges for students, and college staff went above and beyond to engage and support learners. There’s hundreds if not thousands of examples of this from all 26 colleges in Scotland where students were supported as individuals.

“Sadly, mental health, digital poverty, and real poverty are ongoing issues – the pandemic certainly put a spotlight on these, but colleges want to be able to support students going forward in a meaningful way. College students deserve mental health support and access to digital devices which can help them achieve their potential, but unfortunately budgets for colleges across Scotland are being cut for the next academic year.”


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