Supporting Inclusive Economic Recovery

Motor Mechanics at Borders CollegeColleges are the biggest delivery agent of Modern Apprenticeships, supporting 11,013 students

Colleges supported the delivery of Foundation Apprenticeships for 3,445 Senior Phase pupils across every region in 12 industry sectors with 297 employers

25% of students are enrolled in STEM subjects in colleges

Nine colleges are STEM Assured, accredited through the STEM Foundation

19,539 people were enrolled on Flexible Workforce Development Fund programmes.

The £17m (2020/21) fund allows employers to access training and development opportunities in colleges to fill identified skills gaps, upskill, and retrain their workforce.

93,651 enrolments are linked to industry

Care has the highest number of enrolments linked to industry

81,795 students are studying as part of their occupation

26,593 students are enrolled in digital skills (14% at higher education level)

Colleges are supporting the Young Person’s Guarantee and National Transition Training Fund, initiatives which began in 2020


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