Colleges Scotland Employers’ Association welcomes the agreement reached yesterday with EIS-FELA which formally brings to an end the recent dispute within the college sector.

The Colleges Scotland Employers’ Association and the EIS-FELA have ratified an agreement that will support and strengthen course delivery through a diverse curriculum, which best suits the needs of the learner. Read the joint circular here.

Read our comment pdf Formal Agreement Reached with EIS FELA Friday 18 June 2021 (132 KB)

The Scottish Funding Council (SFC) has given £4.4m to colleges to develop mental health and resilience packages and support students and staff struggling to cope with the mental health impacts of Covid-19.

This funding will help to develop the role of Mental Health Co-ordinators in colleges and include more student-led services, such as the creation of a colleges’ mental health nightline and more wellbeing support for college staff.

Shona Struthers, Chief Executive of Colleges Scotland said:

“Since the start of the pandemic, colleges in Scotland have been working hard with Scottish Government to increase the funding for mental health support to benefit students and staff who have faced some really difficult circumstances. The funding is a substantial investment in mental health support which colleges can use locally to best suit the needs of their students and their workforce.”

Further details are available on the SFC website.


Education Scotland has today (Tuesday, 7 June 2021) published a national overview report by HM Inspectors of Education. 

Read our  pdf Comment on the Education Scotland Report Tuesday 7 June 2021 (130 KB)

Colleges are working together to tackle the climate emergency.  Read the article by our Policy Officer, Natalie Webster, published in today's (Thursday, 3 June 2021) edition of The Scotsman.

Colleges Scotland is supporting the Statement of Commitment on the Climate Emergency, a piece of work which commits colleges across Scotland to 10 key action points, moving our sector toward net-zero emissions.

Read the Climate Emergency Statement.

Audit Scotland has today (Thursday, 20 May 2021) published its Scotland's Colleges 2020 report.  

Colleges have been working incredibly hard over the past year to ensure that safety, high quality education, and student welfare have all been protected.  It is reassuring that the Auditor General has noted that the sector has responded well to these unprecedented challenges.

Read our  pdf Comment on Audit Scotland Report Thursday 20 May 2021 (131 KB)