The Climate Emergency Skills Action Plan, published today (Thursday, 17 December 2020), sets out how Scotland will capitalise on job opportunities emerging from the net zero transition and the declaration of a climate emergency. 

As part of this, the college sector will ensure that the workforce across Scotland will be upskilled and reskilled so that businesses and communities can play their part in meeting net zero emissions by 2045 as part of the wider COVID-19 economic recovery.

Read the joint Colleges Scotland and ESP  pdf Comment on the Climate Emergency Skills Action Plan - Thursday 17 December 2020 (87 KB)

Colleges Scotland has responded to the EIS-FELA consultative ballot.  Read our  pdf Comment on the EIS FELA Ballot - Tuesday 15 December 2020 (69 KB)

Today (Monday 14 December 2020) the Commission on the College of the Future has published a Scotland-specific report, building on the publication of the UK-wide report.

The report highlights the vital role that colleges in Scotland play in equipping people with the training and qualifications they need to secure skilled jobs and improve their life chances. Colleges will be vital to ensuring that we recover from the pandemic – both economically and socially – and thrive as a nation.

View our  pdf Comment on the College of the Future Scotland Report - Monday 14 December 2020 (66 KB) .


The Scottish Government has today (Friday, 11 December 2020) announced additional funding for student associations to assist with support and advice for students on campuses across Scotland. 

Read Colleges Scotland's  pdf Comment on Funding for Student Associations Friday 11 December 2020 (66 KB)

The Scottish Council for Development and Industry (SCDI) published its Manifesto for Clean Growth today (Thursday, 3 December 2020) and Colleges Scotland was pleased to contribute to this.  Colleges will be important in ensuring that people have the appropriate skills and training and that industry has the workforce it needs to deliver on this agenda.  Read our pdf Comment on SCDI's Manifesto for Clean Growth Thursday 3 December 2020 (69 KB) . pdf
(69 KB)