Image of a chef preparing foodColleges are the anchor points of local communities, supporting individuals of all ages and backgrounds to gain skills and qualifications, helping the most disadvantaged and furthest from the labour market, and powering regional economies by delivering the skilled workforce that businesses need.

As an agile, collaborative, and inclusive national asset, colleges will play a vital role in nurturing Scotland’s economic, social and educational recovery – supporting industry, large and small, to rebuild and re-engage their workforce, maximising employment opportunities for our citizens and addressing the mental health and wellbeing of our communities.

The diversity of colleges is wide-ranging, which allows them to help learners of all abilities gain sought-after skills, to re-train, and undertake a crucial role in helping the most disadvantaged realise their full potential.

The impact of the college sector in Scotland extends far beyond their regional boundaries, and, collectively, they are significant employers, a major force in the education and skills landscape, and are ready to support Scotland’s recovery and fuel its future inclusive growth.