Picture of two studentsColleges are the biggest delivery agent of Modern Apprenticeships, supporting 10,650 students

121,144 enrolments are linked to industry

Colleges support the delivery of Foundation Apprenticeships for 1,532 Senior Phase pupils across 23 colleges and 12 industry sectors

98,516 students are enrolled in STEM subjects in colleges (15% at HE level)

Nine colleges are STEM Assured, accredited through the STEM Foundation

The college sector has exclusively administered and delivered the £10m Flexible Workforce Development Fund (FWDF) which allows Apprenticeship Levy paying employers to access training and development opportunities to fill identified skills gaps, upskill, and retrain their workforce

23,695 people were enrolled on FWDF programmes

Engineering has the highest number of enrolments linked to industry

95,637 students are studying as part of their occupation

Through the FWDF, colleges supported upskilling and reskilling programmes for 823 employers in 2018

92% of full-time further education students are satisfied that their time at college has helped them develop knowledge and skills for the workplace

23,868 students are enrolled in digital skills (17% at HE level)

There were 1,685 enrolments in green economy courses

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