Nurses in PPEThe college sector mobilised all its resources to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, with colleges quickly accelerating remote teaching and expanding digital capacity to ensure that students could continue learning and complete their courses.

Colleges have also helped their local communities and frontline services in a multitude of different ways during this crisis, including:

  • Delivering digital devices to students to support remote learning
  • Designing and manufacturing safety visors using 3D printers
  • Donating thousands of PPE equipment, including face masks, visors, goggles, gloves, aprons, and hand sanitiser
  • Designing and making scrubs for frontline healthcare workers
  • Lending healthcare beds and college vehicles to emergency services
  • Delivering vital medicines and essential supplies to vulnerable groups
  • Donating food reserves to local food banks
  • Utilising college buildings for hub use and specific social support
  • Staff and students volunteering to support NHS Scotland, Police Scotland and social care organisations to help vulnerable people by using their skills in administration, telecoms, social care, sanitation, driving and graphics technology, with others joining the British Red Cross, Volunteer Scotland, and community organisations.