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The theme is 'Colleges - Delivering Skilled and Successful Learners'.

City of Glasgow College and its Principal and Chief Executive, Paul Little, have been honoured with one of the top accolades at this year’s Inspiring City Awards.

Principal Little accepted the prestigious Legacy Award in recognition of the work he has done in delivering the new City of Glasgow College twin site super campus and the College awarded overall for boosting social mobility and providing unrivalled access to further and higher education for all.

Read more on City of Glasgow Colleges website.

Colleges Scotland published its Think Piece on the Learning and Skills Journey, at the end of last year.  In it, we set out our vision for a new coherent and equitable learning framework for those aged 16 and over.  This involves a more co-ordinated approach across schools, colleges, universities and employers, and one that puts learners at the heart of the process.

With this in mind, Colleges Scotland hosted a seminar on Thursday 26 January 2017 at City of Glasgow College.  A record of the discussions are below which were recorded by graphic facilitator Catherine McKay, Listen Think Draw. 

Learning and Skills Journey Seminar drawing

Learning and Skills Journey Seminar Round Table Discussions (1-4)

Learning and Skills Journey Seminar Round Table Discussions (5-8)

Colleges  Scotland  is pleased to  announce  the  appointment  of  Ken  Milroy  MBE  as  Chair  of  the Colleges Scotland Board. View the Press Release.